We started Bitsy Stoneking as a creative outlet from our corporate life and for the love of unique dresses and clothing you won't find elsewhere.  It is my love for both combined with my love for fashion that I present this gorgeous collection of unique dresses, clothing and accessories to you. 

Our passion is creating a different personalized touch than what you would typically see from other sites. Our travels have taken us all over the world and we loved seeing all of the different cultures and bringing a touch of the world back to the states.   We are getting back to what made this fun in the first place - Curated items that we are passionate about!  

We believe in customer service and we LOVE our customers!

If something is off, we want to know and we will to fix it! 

My name is Katrina Stoneking and I welcome you to Bitsy Stoneking where you will find beautiful, imported apparel and accessories from around the world.