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Gift Bundles

Let's Gift

Bitsy Stoneking

We started Bitsy Stoneking as a creative outlet from our corporate life.  Our passion is creating a different personalized touch than what you would typically see from other sites. Our travels have taken us all over the world and we loved seeing all of the different cultures and bringing a touch of the world back to the states.  

Why Bitsy Stoneking GIFT BUNDLES?   We customize each bundle to your recipients preferences AND send you a picture of EXACTLY what we sent to your recipient!  There is nothing more frustrating when sending a gift, when you don't know what EXACTLY was sent.  We wanted to change that - so we did!

We love creating a FEELING.  Whether that is through decor for your home, a special gift to someone else, or for an event or wedding.  

We believe in customer service and we LOVE our customers!

New Baby Gift Bundle

Congratulations Bundle

Get Well Soon Bundle

For Your Boss Bundle

New Home Bundle

Sympathy Bundle

For Your Admin Bundle

Engagement Bundle

For the New Parent Bundle

New Puppy Bundle

Happy Birthday Bundle

Happy Holidays Bundle