Men's 5-Pair Fun Polka Dot Socks

  • $25.00

Every man wants to stand out from the crowd and blaze the trail. Even down to the socks you wear, it’s possible to be every bit different. Now with our unique colorful polka dots socks, you can make a bold fashion statement and set the pace for others to follow. This polka dot socks are made with premium Turkey cotton which is 100% natural and blended with Nylon and Spandex to add elasticity and extra comfort. Our dotted socks features a gorgeous combination of bold colors in a polka dots pattern.

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  • Turkish Cotton for Natural Breathability & Reinforced Toe for Durability & Perfect Stretch Fit with Spandex
  • Turkish Cotton is natural, perfect for healthy feet, and not man made like polyester or polypropylene.
  • Shoe Size 7-12