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F is for Fashion

The perfect gift for the budding fashionista or tiny mogul.  From Project Runway Alum, designer Amanda Perna, this book will be sure to become one of your favorites.

There are so many alphabet books about apples and ducks… F is for Fashion is not one of them! This fashion-inspired ABC book is designed to teach your child about fashion while they learn the alphabet. F is for Fashion uses colorful, whimsical illustrations to bring the fashion alphabet to life. Whether your kids have already started school or not, help them learn the most stylish ABCs with F is for Fashion. This book will take them on a learning adventure inside fashion, helping them recognize each letter of the alphabet along with a fashion-related term. Each page features both uppercase and lowercase letters, a fashion term that begins with that letter and an illustration of a fashion item that begins with that letter sketched by Project Runway designer Amanda Perna. F is for Fashion is the perfect gift for fashion-lovers young and old and makes a great accessory from the playroom to the living room!

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